KatKiss ROM - Android 6.0 - Asus Transformer - ChangeLog

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=04/11/17 - V034 TF101 =
- Update to latest Marshmallow release
- Revert "Add alternate WebView provider package"
- switch back to non-neon chromium-webview 

=12/17/16 - V033 TF701 =
- use cpusets 
- move background tasks to higher cores

TF701 Kernel #004: 
- Add ExFat support
- sync: don't block the flusher thread waiting on IO
- writeback: fix race that cause writeback hung
- writeback: fix occasional slow sync
- disable hotplug
- enable cpusets

=11/20/16 - V032 TF701 =
- init: fix writepid wrong pid written in file(s)
- wifi: misc fixes and enhancements

- TF701 installer: unmount system if mounted before formatting
- TF701: disable use_cpuset
- TF701: fix Dock battery icon not hiding when undocked

TF701 KatKernel v003:
- xt_IDLETIMER android-upstream merge
- disable cpuset
- interactive freq tweaks
- fix io_is_busy perms 
=11/12/16 - V031 TF701 =
- Fix Autorotation
- Fix widevine DRM
- Fix Bluetooth (for bluetooth speakers that have "phone audio" capability you need to uncheck the box in the bluetooth device settings)
- powerHAL: reimplement replacement base HAL for raydium
- powerHAL: add more perf boosts
- enable doze

TF701 KatKernel v002:
- tweak for more perfs
- reuse nvidia exclusive raydium touchscreen sleep pm
=11/11/16 - V030b TF701 =
- tf701: fix wifi
=11/10/16 - V030 TF701 =
- First TF701T version
- Update to November Marshmallow release

=08/05/16 - V029 =
- Update to August Marshmallow release
- add more optimization flags
- Launcher3: use better icon ratio based on native icon size to avoid fuzzyness. 
- Launcher3: use higher res for app drawer icon on mdpi
- Launcher3: materialize icon
- av/audiopolicy: squashed support for pre-kitkat audio blobs
- native/egl: bring back EGL_WORKAROUND_BUG_10194508
- local_manifest: misc cleanups & reorg
- EmojiAltPhysicalKeyDetector: kill logspam
- art/dalvik: misc fixes & optimizations
- webview: add google webview support
- add back org.apache.http.legacy.jar for compat with apps not updated to API23
- update BookmarkSync
- TF700T: dedicated build with new aapt res
- TF201/TF700T: fix default bluetooth device name
- TF201/TF300T/TF700T: misc obsolete flags cleanups & fixes
=07/15/16 - V028 =
- Bring back high optimization build flags
- switch to GCC target 5.4
- Rebuild with UberTC 
- Update sqlite from 3.08 to sqlite.org 3.13.0 (Thanks to tetsuo55 for the suggestion)
- Switch to 14.04 LTS build machine
- aapt res cleanup

TF300T Katkernel 034: rebuild with UberTC 5.4

=07/08/16 - V027 =
- Update to July Marshmallow release
- Performance: add  Aggressive trim settings
- enable agressive trim for <=1GB devices
- Performance: Propagate B-services to higher adj
- add prop to configure max cached apps limit
- decrease max bg apps limit on 1GB devices
- Use the original activity to launch from Recents
- Fix resumeHomeStackTask can't resume home if activity is finishing
- Ensure state transition of paused activity
- [ActivityManager] Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException
- Misc av fixes
- Cleanups & misc build backports by tetsuo55

TF700T Katkernel 037: default freq to 1600 + vm tweak

=06/07/16 - V026 =
- Upgrade to Marshmallow-MR2-release
- Update to May Marshmallow release
- Update to June Marshmallow release
- Soft Keyboard: disable physical ALT Key mapping by default
=04/08/16 - V025 =
- Update to April Marshmallow release
- MultiWindow: add logic to swap 2 latest apps position/size
- MultiWindow: allow to swap a previous fullscreen app to the new location too
- MultiWindow: give previous app the new focus after swapping
- NavBar: fix Button LongPress action being sent twice
- NavBar "switch to previous app" Button: default LongPress action to swap apps positions
  (if you have already set a custom longpress action on that button, you need to clear it first or set the swap action)
- Settings: add Global Action to swap 2 latest apps position/size (available for Longpress and Dock Key override)
=04/01/16 - V024 =
- MultiWindow: rewrite split screen logic
- MultiWindow: add navbar splitview icons
- MultiWindow: add 3 panes and 4 panes logic
- MultiWindow: handle multipanes placement and icons based on screen rotation
- NavBar: add Balanced Buttons alignment mode (PixelC like + MW buttons centered)  (Settings => User Interface =>  Interface Mode)
- NavBar: default to Balanced buttons mode
- Settings: add option to hide navbar MultiWindow icons (Settings => User Interface => Multiwindow)
- Settings: add splitview actions in global actions list (available for Longpress and Dock Key override)
- Settings: prevent crashing when being resized
=03/24/16 - V023 =
- Update to latest March Marshmallow release
- DeskClock: Fix crash when trying to view world cities
- Settings: Disable smart dimmer if not available
- TF101: Supplicant, cleanup ctrl interface use

KatKernel TF700T 036: 
- Fix CVE-2015-1805
KatKernel TF700T 035: 
- rt5631: bring back volume control + limit HP volume to avoid looping

KatKernel TF300T 033: 
- Fix CVE-2015-1805

KatKernel TF101 124: 
- Fix CVE-2015-1805

=02/28/16 - V022 =
- Brightness: Allow to set offset below 20 in low light & adaptive Brightness mode
- Brightness: Add more steps for low light conditions in adaptive Brightness mode
- Brightness: Allow user to decrease further in manual mode
- Brightness: Increase number of steps in manual mode
- Brightness: Add more precise steps when reaching level lower than 20 in manual mode
- Brightness: React faster on level changes
- Add NVidia SmartDimmer option in Display Settings
- Add System property to disable the Dock Battery icon

TF300T KatKernel 032c:
TF700T KatKernel 034c:
- handle smartdimmer option

TF101 KatKernel 123: 
- reuse data nvram path
- handle smartdimmer option
- handle dock keypress wakeup option

- Disable Dock Battery logic and icon (requires KatKiss >=V022)
- Fix upside-down camera
- update with KatKernel 123
=02/21/16 - V021 =
- Fix crackling sound when sound starts
- audio_hw: return early if no data to write
- audio_hw: decrease Analog and Bluetooth out latency

=02/20/16 - V020 =
- Fix Non PIE support
- Add BookmarksSyncAdapter for default Browser

- Fix OMX codecs
- Fix Camera
- Fix GPS
- Use libkatomx
- Avoid OMX plugin crash on cleanup
- Readd non PIE support
=02/20/16 - V019c =
- Fix Kernel not being installed
=02/20/16 - V019b =
- Fix reboots caused by some apps(ES file explorer, play music, youtube...)
- Fix ExFat support

TF101 KatKernel 122:
- net: Handle 'sk' being NULL in UID-based routing
- add native ExFat FS support

=02/19/16 - V019 =
- First TF101 version
- wifi: allow to use legacy dhcp client by default
- allow to reuse libs with text relocation

TF101 KatKernel 121:
- Initial Marshmallow support

TF700 KatKernel 034:
- Fix bit width test failing on old eMMC cards
- mmc: Enable BKOPS
=02/05/16 - V018 =
- Update to latest February Marshmallow version
- Fix background flicker when opening all apps

KatKernel 033:
- TF700: Fix Bluetooth

=01/30/16 - V017 =
- Fix NTFS binaries
- Switch to native exfat kernel support 
- Force sync before unmounting to avoid corruption with exfat if ejecting shortly after writing
- Launcher3: do not render wallpaper internally if wallpaper service is disabled
- MtpService: activate MTP transfert by default when plugged into a computer 
  (can be deactivated in Settings => Dev => USB Configuration)
- MtpService: only auto-activate when plugged in if screen is unlocked for security 
- Settings: Init and Make USB Configuration option persistent

KatKernel 032: 
- add native nofuse exFat support

=01/26/16 - V016 =
- Video: fix gpu hardware accelerated nvidia tegra3 OMX codecs support
- External storage: Add ExFat and NTFS support
- External storage: make writable to all apps by default
- Settings: Add option to disable external storage writable to all apps (Security => External storage permissions)
- Settings - Data usage: fix crash with ethernet dongle
- Launcher3: Reimplement Wallpaper internal rendering
- Keyguard: render wallpaper internally if System wallpaper rendering is off
- Disable System Wallpaper by default

TF300T KatKernel 031 & TF700T KatKernel 030:
- lowmemorykiller: Don't count reserved free memory
- binder: Change binder mutex to realtime mutex 

=01/17/16 - V015 =
- Improve Notification drop down smoothness with wallpaper on
- Add option to disable WallPaper for extra speed / battery saving (Display => Wallpaper Mode)
- DocumentsUI: Display advanced storage in the list by default (show internal storage, external SD...)
- Show each app name being optimized during boot
- QuickSettings: add Immersive mode Tile by default
- QuickSettings: remove Cast and Inversion tile by default
- QuickSettings: sync default tiles with settings
- Settings: add missing do not disturb Tile
- Battery stats: use release build policy for hiding unaccounted/overcounted consumption by default
- Battery stats: add option to display extra stats
- Battery stats: add missing 1.6-1.8GHz power estimates

TF300T KatKernel 030: 
- Fix flickering with some tablet models
- add target_info sysfs

TF700T KatKernel 029: 
- disable ksm
=01/05/16 - V014 =
- Upgrade to latest January MarshMallow MMB29T release

- Merge 63 missing Bluetooth updates
- Art optimizations
- TF700T: update to latest broadcom bcm4330 firmwares 

KatKernel 028:
- ksm: Provide support to use deferred timers for scanner thread
- ksm: enable deferred_timer by default to prevent the CPU to be wakened for ksm activities.
- nf: IDLETIMER: Adds the uid field in the msg
- TF700: vm changes
- TF700: Default min freq to stock 204
=01/03/16 - V013 =
- Add missing fsdetect binary for optimize script
- Use common bcm path

TF300T KatKernel 027:
- Enable KSM + misc
- Add extra free kbytes tunable
- Use common bcm path
- Use 1800 freq table (default to 1500 max)
- ReAdd user GPU control sysfs
- Tweak GPU mV
- use LZMA
- cap late_resume speed based on project id

TF700T KatKernel 027:
- Revert TF300T_OC
- Use 1800 freq table (default to 1700 max)
- Use common bcm path
- Reactivate user voltage control
- cap late_resume speed based on project id

=01/02/16 - V012 =
- Settings => Dock: add option to WakeUp tablet with keypress or when Lid opens
- Fix Youtube History not registering
- Settings: fix crash when clicking on More section
- Fix wifi hotspot
- Launcher 3: tweaks for Tablet
- Add KatKiss build version in Settings => About
- art: tweak mem for tablets
TF300T: - Fix Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep option

TF700T KatKernel 026:
- Enable KSM + misc
- add extra free kbytes tunable
- Add RFKILL for bcm4330

TF300T KatKernel 024:
- Wifi: update to latest grouper bcmdhd driver
- Sync conf options with grouper
- Add /cache f2fs support
=12/21/15 - V011c - TF700T=
- Update TF700T specific binaries
- fix init.d
- vm tweaks

TF700T KatKernel 025:
- Rebuild with SaberMod GCC 5.1
- ReAdd user GPU control sysfs
- Default GPU to 600
- Tweak GPU mV
- Add /cache f2fs support
=12/30/15 - V011 - TF700T =
- Initial TF700T compat

TF700T KatKernel 024:
- Wifi: update to latest grouper bcmdhd driver
- Sync conf options with grouper
- TF700T conf

=12/13/15 - V011 =
- Upgrade to Android 6.0.1

- Increase optimize timeout for big packages
- dex2oat: disable watchdog
- dex2oat: force not to use swap
- Add Default grant permissions for gapps
- Speed up f2fs checks
- ReAdd PATH for older init compat
- Update Terminal Emulator
- Update to KatKernel 023h
=11/21/15 - V010 =
- NavBar: Add Switch to previous app icon
- NavBar: Add LongPress action on Switch to previous app icon
- Settings: Fix crash when setting certain function keys override
- Settings: Disable unimplemented MultiWindow settings
- Settings: Remove duplicated Backup & Reset option
- Settings: Reorg UI settings

KatKernel 023g:
- revert tweaks to V008
- vm changes
=11/11/15 - V009 =
- Fix AutoRotation
- Update Launcher
- Launcher: increase Desktop grid to 5x10
- Launcher: increase Dock seats to 11

KatKernel 023c:
- io + battery tweaks
=11/10/15 - V008 =
- Increase per-app optimizing timeout for slower tablets with ext4 /data
- Reenable support for non-PIE executables
- Remove www.googleadservices.com from ad blocker
- Disable System updates entry in Settings
- Fallback to google h264 decoder
- Misc framework, av, native fixes ..
=11/07/15 - V007 =
- Upgrade to latest Android M 11/01 Release (MRA58V)
- Fix access to external SDs and usb disks for non rooted apps (cards are now available under /storage/XXXXXX directly)
- Allow to set external SDs as adoptable storage (makes it available as internal storage: warning if you choose this option it will FORMAT your card)
  (Not recommended for Dock SD card or usbsticks, as they'll get unmounted when the dock goes to sleep)
- Fix Default browser crashing when downloading file ( requires full wipe. Until you do you can just grant storage permission to Browser in settings to fix)
- Fix install errors if /system is mounted when flashing rom
- Remove model and date checks in installer
- Cleanup old mount points
- misc fixes

KatKernel 023:
- Add kernel 3.10 per uid cputime stats for Marshmallow
- misc
=11/03/15 - V006 =
- Fix Bluetooth
- Fix Camera
- Fix OMX libs
- Prevent media server from dying if SensorManager not initialised yet on first boot when camera is accessed
- Fix AOSP Camera app not showing in launcher (requires full wipe from <=V005)
- Fix Custom QuickSettings tiles
- Add Immersive Mode Tile
=11/01/15 - V005b =
- Fix MicroSD & UsbDisk not mounting when /data is f2fs
=11/01/15 - V005 =
- Add F2FS support on /data
- Add Global Dock KeyOverride shortcuts
- Add Missing Dock function Keys implementation
- Add NavBar UI settings change for left or centered buttons 
- Add User Immersive mode
- Add Auto immersive mode on docked
- Add Global actions
- Add Touchpad disable
- Add back SL101 Lid override conf
- Add Reboot modes in power menu
- Prevent system restart when orientation sensor is not fully initialised
- Fix AppOps crash on launch
- Fix SD & UsbDisk not mounting
=10/31/15 - V004 =
Initial TF300T KatKiss MarshMallow public beta release