KatKiss ROM - Android 4.4.4 - Asus Transformer - ChangeLog

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=11/13/14 - V036 =
- TouchPad Mode: default to TrackPad mode
- Email app: Update to Android-L preview version
- Change Floating & MultiWindow FLAGS
(Fix for the new Chrome Beta which is using the reserved Floating flag and so was always starting in floating mode)

- French Keyboard layout: add uppercase letter accent support + misc
-- capslock + shift + accentuated letter will send their uppercase equivalent
-- alt right + shift + aeuio will send the circumflex letter
-- alt right + ctrl + aeuio will send the diaresis letter

- TF101 KatKernel 118b: 
-- vm tweak

- TF300T KatKernel 017: 
-- vm tweak
-- Revert custom GPU user clock interface
-- Revert to KatKernel 12b uV
-- Allow binder renice

=09/28/14 - V035 =
-- Global KeyOverride: Add Detect Key feature to be able to redifine other keys (A-Z...)
-- Global KeyOverride: Cleanup / Remove SpecialKeys + OtherKeys drop lists (can use Detect Key for those now)
-- Quick Settings: Add Alarm Dynamic Tile
-- Settings: update Russian translations
-- rs: Fix bug in blur when processing odd widths
-- Remove obsolete egl.cfg
-- Replace background_holo_dark with dithered version to prevent gradient banding

- TF101: Add global REMOTE_SUBMIX
- TF300T: /etc/kat/optimizestorage script: autodetect filesystem and skip fstrim if not ext4

- TF300T KatKernel 016:
-- Set default cpu freq to 1500
-- Fix cpu freq going over max_freq
-- Remove Asus Cpu System Mode code
-- Change balanced speed target to 70% max
-- Allows freq scaling to use min freqs < 204 MHz for better battery life (default min freq set to 204 MHz)
-- tegra video: backport 29 commits from kernel 3.4 : fixes & enhancements
-- nvmap: page pool init + defer cache maintenance
-- Add IP Multicast support

-- Kernel Standalone zip initial support for other roms:
--- Prevent Phone apps from crashing
--- Fallback to superuser if supersu not present
--- Late execute K.A.T init to prevent rom from overwriting settings
=09/13/14 - V034 =

- libwebp: Migrate to latest chromium_org 0.4.1 version
-- Optimizations + Fixes webp related crashes with Linaro & recent compilers
    with Office suite pro and such ... (meaning that you do not need to flash the separate libskia)
- OpenGL: Optimize drawBitmapMesh using TRIANGLE_STRIP
- Activity Manager: Tunning max allowed background services during bootup sequence
- Activity Manager: Ensure to add Persistent Apps to LruProcess List on app restart
- Activity Manager: Ensure alive process is not killedByAm
- Activity Manager: Avoid keeping restarting home when only home activity exists.

- TF101: Reuse old NetworkLocation signature

- TF300T: Auto detect if /data is f2fs 
 (Meaning that you do not need to flash a separate kernel anymore if you use F2FS)

- TF300T KatKernel 015:
-- gpu overclock back to 520
-- interactive: set default maxspeed_load to 80 to save battery
-- rcu: Backport 50 commits from kernel 3.9
-- improve Asynchronous I/O latency
-- regulator: avoid warm reboot fail, Avoid possible race condition, implement proper power off sequence
-- ashmem: deadlocks fixes
-- netfilter: xt_qtaguid, fix lo stats
-- netfilter: misc patches and fixes backport
-- smp: disable extra duplicate debug
-- net: fix a potential rcu_read_lock() imbalance in rt6_fill_node()
-- lib/int_sqrt.c: optimize square root algorithm
-- Set minimum freq to 51MHz
-- mm misc fixes
-- vfp: Use hard-float and neon libraries instead of vfp ones
-- scheduler: Autogroup patch group by current user android UID instead of task ID
-- usb: fix false disconnect due to a signal sent to the reading process
-- sysfs: Fix memory leak
-- time: Fix overflow when HZ is smaller than 60
-- tegradc: remove mode log spammage
-- misc optimizations: lib/memcopy,  lib/string, arm optimized RWSEM algorithm
-- misc fixes

New gapps: 
- TF101 KatKiss gapps_20140913: Readd old NetworkLocation provider
- TF300T KatKiss gapps_20140913: Initial version based onto BaNks minimal + Browser sync + Calendar sync 

=08/08/14 - V033 =
- Multiuser: Fix relaunch as floating if not primary user
- Multiuser: Fix launch application global action if not primary user
- Bluetooth: Add setting to allow to receive any file type
- Settings: Add more translations: Italian, Russian, Ukrainian
- Native: Allow media.nvidia.audio_alsa to register as a service
- Native: Add setOrientation interface back
- MediaPlayer: Handle NPE due to threading race
- TF101: update Bluetooth
- TF101: add r_submix audio policy
- TF300T: Add Wifi HotSpot
- TF300T: Remove perfhud, prevent NVInterposer log spam
- TF300T: Add libnetcmdiface to prevent log error

- TF300T KatKernel 014: 
-- add gpu overclock user custom control (default to 580)
-- cpufreq: Break out early if freq equals to target_freq
-- input: decrease latency by packing up to 1 frame worth of data
-- use user_cap_frequency
-- mm: pass readahead info down to the i/o scheduler
=07/23/14 - V032b =
- Fix CIFS Network shares not mounting properly
- Perf tweak
=07/22/14 - V032 =
- Switch to android-4.4.4_r2 (only device specific changes not related to us, so just a version bump for us)
- Add Search Key Quick Launch in Settings => Dock + Language & Input
- Use gms location provider
- Set 128 read_ahead on blk0 & 512 on blk1
- Use synchronization framework
- Fix Brightness bouncing when adjusting manually with dock function keys
- Global Actions, Brightness up/down/auto: also display brightness dialog
- Development Settings cleanup: remove Simulate 2nd display, runtime.
- TF101: add audio.r_submix.default
- TF101: New gapps-KatKiss-4.4.4_20140720.zip

- TF101 KatKernel 118 : 
-- revert memory compaction + async fsync
-- re-add fsync on/off
-- switch bcmdhd
-- add synchronization framework

- TF300T KatKernel 011-012 : 
-- F2FS compatibility update
-- Add TCP advanced congestion controls: illinois cubic veno reno bic westwood highspeed htcp vegas scalable yeah
-- Default to Veno
-- add synchronization framework
=07/16/14 - V031 =
- Fix Activity chooser Always button not always working
- Improve scrolling cache
- Misc updates: libstlports, vold, fsck_msdos
- TF300T: Changes for initial version bring in

- TF101 KatKernel 117 : 
-- build with Linaro 4.10
-- Add Asynchronous fsync from HTC
-- Remove fsync on/off
-- lowmemorykiller: compact memory on killing process
-- lowmemorykiller: Use asynchronous compaction
-- sched: don't call task_group() many times in set_task_rq()
-- Add Multicast

- TF300T KatKernel 010:
-- Asus 10_6_1_27_5 base
-- Fix compile issues with Linaro 4.10
-- O3 + Optimize
-- Overclock to 1700, GPU overclock to 520
-- add user voltage control from motley-git Nexus 7 kernel source
-- add pegasusq governor from motley-git Nexus 7 kernel source
-- iosched: add BFQV7r5, ROW, SIO, deadline
-- Asynchronous Fsync: initial extraction of Async Fsync from HTC
-- Switch do_fsync() to fget_light()
-- Add F2FS, NFSV3+4, CIFS
-- add more USB NET drivers
-- lowmemorykiller: misc optimisations & fixes
-- add support for ec_wakeup (kernel)
-- cardhu: bluetooh: add bluesleep
-- expose SOS/LNX hack
-- Restrict slave mountspace so Dalvik apps can mount system-wide volumes
-- mach-tegra: add tegra ahb driver
-- video: tegra: backport Tegra SD Gen2 support from Tegra 4
-- Misc optimization & fixes: cpufreq, block, mmc, i2c, sched, arm specific routines, ...
-- Misc security fixes, futex, tty ... 

=06/20/14 - V030 =
- Update to android 4.4.4
- Default to RGB565
- misc framework/native changes

- KatKernel 116:
-- Backport part of mmc changes from kernels 3.4 & 3.10
-- Fix Security issue CVE-2014-3153
-- Writeback: fix occasional slow sync(1)
-- Softirq: reduce latencies
-- Set readahead to 128
-- Turn io_is_busy on by default
-- Config changes: 
--- IPV6: enable contrack, log, frag
--- Turn off debugging on some features
--- Turn off perf events recording
--- Turn off block dev throttling
--- Misc perf tweaks

=06/09/14 - V029 =
- Fix CandyCrush Crashing on start in default Linaro Rom
- Fix PlayStore update image artifacts with optimized libskia
- Trebuchet: update to latest
- Settings: Add Location On/Off Switch in Menu
- Settings: Draw Dock battery graph on Battery stats
- Rom + chromium OpenSSL: Fix multiple vulnerabilities: CVE-2014-3470, CVE-2014-0221, CVE-2014-0224, CVE-2014-0195
- Upgrade libpng from 1.2 to 1.6.10
- Misc libhardware_legacy changes
- Bring back fully optimized libskia (overall smoother)
--> will still make OfficePro suite crash => Those who need it: flash separate Non-Linaro optimized libskia
-- The overall smoothness is better, so if it's only one app that has issues, those who use it will just need to flash the additional libskia

- Make separe Non-Linaro optimized libskia flashable zip

=06/05/14 - V028 =
- Fix OfficePro crashing with default rom
- Fix PlayStore update image artifacts with default rom

- Rom zip:
-- unmount /system first
=06/03/14 - V027 =
- Upgrade to Android 4.4.3_r1.1
- Fix Bluetooth crashing
- Linaro + All Optimizations
- Fix Settings crash in portrait
=06/03/14 - V026=
- OMX: Prevent NVDestroy from crashing - Fix Netflix crash on opening (ESPN and other apps should benefit from that too)
- Rotation Lock: Keep last rotation position when locking
- Floating Windows: Add option to disable/enable AutoSnap
- Global Actions (Available for Long Press & Key Override) :
-- Add Ethernet Toggle Action
-- Add Send KeyCode Action
- Quick Settings: Add Ethernet Toggle Tile
- Settings: Reuse 2 Panes mode 
- Fix strict-aliasing in HWComposer
- Fix descriptor leak after accepting connections
- Fix socket descriptor leak from Zygote to child app
- libstagefright: Copy the entire buffer from/to OMX component
- Add mkfs.f2fs
- Optimize:
-- Use -O3 in GLOBAL FLAGS too
-- bionic: target cortex-a9
-- bionic: use linaro optimized string handling routines
-- Reswitch to linaro optimize built libkia
-- Misc compile flags

- Rom zip:
-- Force /system format first (prevents rom camera from disappearing with old gapps if not formatting system manually)
-- skip backup tools

- KatKernel 115: 
-- Rebuild with Linaro 4.9
-- Update ROW scheduler from codeaurora
-- block: Add support for reinsert a dispatched req
-- block: Add API for urgent request handling
=05/24/14 - V025=
- Build optimize
-- Reactivate global LTO optimization + Fix compile issues
-- Reactivate global strict-aliasing
-- Turn on C++11
-- Misc compile flags
- Fix strict-aliasing & C++11 build in following projects:
-- external/stlport bionic external/dnsmasq/ frameworks/av/ frameworks/base external/iputils/ 
-- framework/native external/powertop external/v8 frameworks/wilhelm packages/apps/Camera2 
-- system/core frameworks/ex/ external/chromium-libpac/ external/chromium_org/ external/chromium/ hardware/ril framework/rs
- Set framework/rs version
=05/17/14 - V024=
- Add floating & resizable windows base code
- Global Actions: Add relaunch TopApp into Floating/Non Floating mode action
- Global Actions: Add Show/Hide All Floating Apps action
- NavBar: Add icon to relaunch TopApp into Floating/Non Floating mode
- NavButton: Add show/hide all floating apps as default long click action on FloatingMode NavButton
- Settings: Add Long Press action + Show/Hide for the Relaunch Floating NavBar Button
- Recents: Display floating Apps too
- Heartbleed openssl fix for platform & chromium webkit
- Trebuchet: update to latest version
- Settings - Storage: Fix Formatting/Erasing SDcard
- Vold misc updates
- LatinIME: Add fallback loader for JNI lib
- Browser: Fix tab preview memory leak
- Fix reboot on Blank SD card format notification
 (+Take to Settings=>Storage to make sure to format the correct device if there are multiple external devices)
- Upgrade libpng
- Add miracast overlay flag
- av: misc changes:
-- ACodec: Add video codec fallback logic
-- stagefright: Smooth Streaming in OMXCodec
-- stagefright: Enable GraphicBuffer usage to decoder before querying formats
-- stagefright: provide a custom key to prefer adaptive playback
- Misc graphic fixes merge
-- Release locked buffer when it fails to acquire graphics buffer
-- Fix for positioning of glyphs within a bitmap
-- Fix graphics corruption caused by HWUI caches
- Rebuild with latest linaro toolchain

=03/20/14 - V023c=
- Include Hebrew, Hungarian + de_ch Keyboard Fix
=03/05/14 - V023=
- Fix MultiWindow
- Display MultiWindow icons by default
- Settings => Accessibility: Fix Autoration locking up
- QuickSettings: Fix Orientation Tile locking up
- QuickSettings: Add Orientation tile, remove battery tile by default
- QuickSettings: Fix Orientation Tile Long Press, open Accessibility
- Turn off Autoration by default
- Rebuild with Linaro 14.02
- Hardware Keyboards: Make capslock key behave as shift for all keys including numerics
- Merge Add custom groups
- Avoid logcat spam with text relocation warnings
- Make Switch to previous app and MW buttons also drop alpha when NavBar transparent
- Add Global Actions (Available for LongPress + Key Override):
 + Autoration toggle
 + Wifi, Bluetooth, Touchpad toggles
 + Show Power Menu
 + Launch Settings
 + Brightness Up, Down, Auto
 + Media Next, Previous, Play/Pause
 + Audio Mute

=02/28/14 - V022=
- Move to GCC target 4.8
- Switch to Linaro-4.8.3 14.01
- Trebuchet: Fix wallpaper not rendering internally when using only 1 desktop
- LockScreen: Display wallpaper when System wallpaper rendering is disabled.  (after 1st lock)
- Recents: Increase KillAll button size
- Add libemoji.so
- Fix command line reboot
- Boot tasks parallelizing (should speed up boot by ~30-50% depending on the overclocking and number of packages)
  Add multithreading support to Installer/installd
  Parallelize package scanning
  Parallelize boot dexopt

KatKernel 114:
- Rebuild with Linaro-4.8.3 14.01
- Add isofs + udf modules

=02/22/14 - V021=

- New Trebuchet
- Trebuchet: Reimplement Internal Wallpaper rendering
- Browser: Reimplement Incognito mode support
- Browser: Report UserAgent as Chrome3.0 compat
- Camera: Fix panorama mode preview not showing
- Switch HWC
- Misc cleanups + updates

New gapps 20140221:
- Gallery: Fix FC on Editing/applying filters...
- Camera: Fix FC on selecting Panorama
- Remove GoogleCamera from default gapps zip to use rom's Camera by default which should be stable (but no photosphere)
- Fix Photosphere mode with GoogleCamera (might still crash when switching between photosphere and other modes)
=02/15/14 - V020=
- Update to 4.4.2_r2 KVT49L
- HWComposer 1.0 for TF101
- Cleanup deprecated HWC <1.0
- Use HAL VSync
- SurfaceFlinger: Change to support framebuffer flip for 2D blitters
- Surfaceflinger: Consolidate display orientation compensation hooks
- Sensorservice: Set the rate for pre-1.1 HALs _after_ activation

=01/26/14 - V019=
- Fix VPN
- Fix ext4 volumes not being mounted when inserted
- Browser: Keep URL bar when using Pie Quick Controls from Labs (Fixes refresh issues with new chromium webview)
- Browser: sync javascript console debug setting with default value (disabled)
- Fix a bootloop problem on xml parsing errors (after improper shutdown ...)
- Fix reference leak in ActivityManager
- Keyguard: fix statusbar lags when default widget shown
- Make ImageView drawable update more efficient if same size
- Fix tablet battery icon alignment
- Location: fix missing break statement
- bcmdhd: add missing interface command fini
- KatKernel 113b: add missing Netfilter/IP options

=01/15/14 - V018=
- Fix NTFS & exFAT volumes not being automounted
- Revert use /dev/input for audio jack detection
- chromium webkit: restrict use of absolute href only if link on image
- chromium webkit: misc updates
- Browser: Add History back
- Browser: Add Debug back
- Add Thai Font
- Add libnetcmdiface
- KatKernel 112: add ip6table filter mangle raw + usbaudio

=01/11/14 - V017=
- Fix GPS/Location Quick Settings Tile
- Fix error when opening linked image in new tab if the link is already an absolute url
- Disable audio level warning
- Disable Dream by default
- Remove old android launcher
- Misc perf tweaks
- Use /dev/input for microphone/headset jack detection (Those who had external microphone detection issue, test and report if that helps or not)
- QuickSettings: Add Immersive Mode Tile 
- QuickSettings: Add Location + Immersive Mode Tiles by default
- Add Czech qwerty keyboard layout 
- Add new wallpaper mode settings (Settings => Display)
  ** Normal(regular android mode)
  ** Disable System Wallpaper rendering (set as default)
  ** Disable Wallpaper service
  2nd setting will prevent the wallpaper being rendered by system and also freeing resources
   That's the recommended setting you want to use if you are using a launcher that has internal wallpaper rendering
   If you see a black wallpaper that means that your launcher was using system rendering which is not good on our tf101
  3rd setting disables wallpaper completely, depending on your launcher it might be better

- New gapps package 20140110
  Remove Google Home Launcher from package
- Add separate zip for Google Home Launcher

=01/06/14 - V016=
- Fix HDMIOut options not being applied
- Fix Date not showing in Notifications
- Fix /storage/sdcard0 showing up as empty
- Fix Dock Battery still showing up when booting undocked
- Fix SDCard not being remounted after forced eject or dock sleep
- Browser: Fix img src being used instead of href when long pushing on a linked img and clicking open
- Browser: remove incognito entries (not implemented in kitkat chromium yet)
- Browser: remove debug mode from labs (not implemented in kitkat chromium yet)
- Reactivate rotation by default
- Deactivate MultiWindow icons until fixed
- Report battery charging correctly
- Misc conf change
- Switch Window Animation Scale to on by default
- Migrate Expanded Desktop to Immersive Mode
(Window Animation Scale must not be 0 for swipe down to work)
=01/03/14 - V015=
- Upgrade to Android 4.4.2
- Fix Dock Battery
- Fix reboot to recovery feature
- Fix Bluetooth
- Allow to clear foreground services notifications
- Update busybox
- Settings: Fix missing UI & dock icons
- Default to PhabletUI NavBarLeft + SlimNavBar
- Unify battery text & dock icon colors with kitkat grey
=01/01/14 - V014=
Initial KitKat public release