KatKiss ROM - Android 4.3 - Asus Transformer TF101

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Flash this rom at your own risk.

Please report in the XDA forum thread. Make sure you read the How-to report first

How to install:

coming from a different rom : Updating from this rom version #XX to #YY:
You can skip the full wipe step


- Default browser can become unstable if you use flash with it, as flash is not supported anymore on recent Android versions. 
  It should work mostly fine if you set it to load only on demand though:
  => Browser Settings => Advanced => Enable plugins: On demand 
- Autorotation is using about 1-2% cpu, if you want maximum performance disable autorotation
- Certain NTFS disk won't automount: might be dependant on the formatting and/or partitionning ?
   => workaround: try a 3rd party app to mount it: USB OTG Helper, paragon ntfs or the K.A.T app. 
- GPS: if it is taking a long time to get a lock or no lock, follow this:

How to report issues

Things to check before reporting: 
- If it's a general question or if it is not specific to this rom ask in the Q&A section
- make sure you have read all the tips and searched on the forum before reporting an issue.
- try to reproduce your issue right after flashing and before restoring anything 
- wait that the cpu usage is down to close to 0% for a few seconds before proceeding with testing.
- Check that it is not already listed in the known issues.

Performances issues:
Keep in mind that coming from a full wipe / factory reset, there are a few cpu and disk io tasks that are going to happen:
- Mediascanner service is going to rescan all your medias, which can take from a few minutes to a few hours or days if you have many
- Google will restore / sync things.

So make sure that it is finished and that some app is not eating the cpu or disk io before reporting.

What to send in your report:

- Make sure you describe exactly what happens before/during/after the issue.
- If you can reproduce it, write a step by step way of reproducing it.
- If your issue is a performance issue, explain in details what you define as such
(is it taking time when you click , is it that it seems to have a low fps ? ..)

Make also sure you indicate the following: 
- which rom/version are you using ?
- which kernel are you using ?
- which gapps version are you using ?
- did you follow the exact procedure listed above for flashing ?
- did you restore any of your applications / settings ?

Reproduce the issue then run these commands in a terminal: 
su - 
busybox top -n1 > /sdcard/top
dmesg > /sdcard/kmsg
logcat -v time -d > /sdcard/lc

If the problem is a reboot or crash, run this in 2 terminals and let them run until the problem occurs
1) su
logcat -v time > /sdcard/lc

2) su
cat /proc/kmsg >/sdcard/kmsg

include the resulting files: /sdcard/top &  /sdcard/kmsg & /sdcard/lc either in a post in the thread on the xda forum or by PM

Thanks that will help to debug and save me a lot of time if I get correct reports ;)