KatKiss ROM - Android 5.1 - Asus Transformer - ChangeLog

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=01/04/16 - V030c - TF101 =
- art tweaks

KatKernel 121:
- Rebuilt with Sabermod GCC 5.1
- Use LZMA
- vm tweaks
=10/13/15 - V030=
- Fix StageFright vulnerability CVE-2015-3876
=10/06/15 - V029=
- upgrade to android 5.1.1 Release 24 (LMY48W)
=09/21/15 - V028=
- Upgrade to android 5.1.1 Release 16 (LMY48P)
- Add back Multi Windows
- GlobalActions: Add Multi Windows related actions
(can be used on navbar buttons, or Global Dock KeyOverride)
- NavBar: Add Buttons to switch to Previous App and between splitview/Fullscreen
- NavBar: make Switch to SplitView Button follow rotation
- Settings: Allow to hide NavBar MultiWindow Buttons
- Settings: Add long press actions on NavBar MultiWindow Buttons

=08/18/15 - V027=
- Upgrade to android 5.1.1 Release 10 (LMY48J)
- Fix latest stagefright issue
=08/08/15 - V026=
- Stagefright fixes
- Upgrade to android 5.1.1 Release 9 (LMY48I)
- Update Sabermod toolchain to 4.9-08012015

=03/07/15 - V025=
- Switch to 5.1.1 Release 6 (LMY48G)
- bionic: Correctly use optimized neon and non-neon string lib
- bionic: Replace Cortex A15 strlen implementation with optimized cortex-strings
- bionic: cortex-a9: Use cortex-a15 optimized strlen for neon and non-neon
- bionic: cortex-a9: Import memchr implementation from cortex-strings

TF300T KatKernel 021: 
- Switch to GCC target 5.1
- Use graphite optimizations
- Rebuild with Sabermod-5.1
- GCC 5.1 build fixes

TF101 KatKernel 120: 
- Rebuild with Sabermod-4.9
- Use O3 & graphite optimizations
- memset: fix kernel not booting with recent compilers
- GCC 5.1 build fixes

=06/25/15 - V024b=
- switch to GCC target 4.9
- rebuild with Sabermod-4.9 toolchain
- use graphite optimizations

- Upgrade to android 5.1.1 Release 5 (LYZ28E)
- Upgrade to android 5.1.1 Release 4 (LMY48B)
- Upgrade to android 5.1.1 Release 2 (LMY47X)

- Update Italian strings
- Modify GC Delay to include subsequent launches
- core: Remove forced alignment code
- Bluetooth: Fix for A2DP glitches due to decrement of nb_frames
- Bluetooth: Avoid leaking a fd and an infinite loop
- Bluetooth: a2dp: Buffer sufficient data to keep devices happy
- Bluetooth: a2dp: Allow 2 full tick's worth of data to be sent
- use prebuilt libwebviewchromium

- tf300t: bluetooh audio conf: allow 48k
- tf300t: wifi supplicant conf tweak
- tf300t: update to KatKernel 020c

- tf300t: add back wpa_supplicant socket use

=04/23/15 - V023=
- Upgrade to android 5.1.1 Release 1 (LMY47V)
- Upgrade to android 5.1.0 Release 5 (LMY47O)
- Dock: fix capslock led
- Add gamepads/joypad generic key mapping
- Disable un-needed google OTA components
- Prevent runtime reenabling of un-needed components
- Prevent google services from keeping wakelocks to check for OTA updates
- SoundPool: Avoid duplicated calling to isRestricted to improve performance
- Fixing memory leak in RenderBufferCache
- Prevent leaking surfaces from exiting windows
- Trigger GC Delay for subsequent launches
- [ActivityManager] Fix ServiceRecord leakage
- Prevent infinite layout and wallpaper flashing
- Remove unnecessary sleep in ActivityThread
- [ActivityManager] Improve multi-thread access the same provider
- Improve concurrency by propagating B services to higher adj
- Misc cleanups
=03/29/15 - V022=
- Upgrade to android 5.1.0 Release 3 (LMY47I)
- Browser: Add back incognito Mode in main menu
- Launcher3: default to 5x8 larger Grid
- Launcher3: default to 11 hotseats
- Launcher3: Readd custom Grid Size + home screen choice
- Launcher3: use largeHeap
- User Immersive Mode: allow to hide only the status bar or navbar (Settings => User Interface => Immersive Mode Type)
- Email app: Display raw text to prevent ANR if body is too big

- Misc Framework fixes and enhancements:
-- Perform once GCs on all app process when system ready
-- Remove the window whose client process has died or become zombie
-- hwui : fix memory leak due to duplicate in shadow cache
-- [ActivityManager] Avoid killing unrelated processes
-- Layout the window to be displayed if it would be resized
-- Mesh: Fix potential npe
-- DimLayer : remove unnecessary surface transaction calls
-- Avoid duplicate surface creation
-- VectorDrawable: Fix null-pointer check
-- WM: Fix always-false equals on surfaceInsets
-- Handle case when network has been lost
-- Implement finalizer for RS contexts to prevent memory leak when apps forget to call .destroy()

- Fix Netflix

=03/12/15 - V021=
- Framework: Add RRO Level 2 support back
- QuickSettings: Fix Wifi & Bluetooth Tiles dual behavior
- Settings: Fix crash when adding new QuickSetting when no Tile icon
- Settings: Fix missing QuickSettings icons for some of the Tiles
- NavBar: increase space between NavButtons when left aligned
- bionic: reenable non PIE support
=03/10/15 - V020= (TF300T only)
- Upgrade to android 5.1.0_r1 (LMY47D)
- Increase apps max heap mem
- Framework: Revert RRO Level2 support
- Launcher3: switch to aosp version
=03/04/15 - V019 = (TF300T only)
- Revert Navbar: default longpress on back to kill current app
- Revert Launcher3: disable search bar by default
- Italian translations

TF300T KatKernel 020:
- switch to wifi driver as grouper 
(should fix SOD/Reboots if "keep wifi on during sleep" setting is not set on the default "Always")
- disable scheduled scan
=02/19/15 - V018 =
- Add RRO Level2 support
- Navbar: default longpress on back to kill current app
- Keyguard: don't refresh ui when screen off
- QuickSettings: Add Immersive Mode Tile
- QuickSettings: remove cast tile from defaults
- netd: Avoid leaking file descriptors
- netd: Don't fail when trying to add routes that already exist
- Launcher3: add Italian translations
- Finnish layout: remove caps lock = shift lock
- Optimize drawBitmapMesh
- Remove unneeded mobile apps
- Misc Framework fixes

TF101 :
- Fix Netflix

TF300T :
- Fix Google Play Movies

TF300T KatKernel 019:
- input: add sysfs to reverse axis of atmel_maxtouch digitizer
- sync config with grouper
=02/01/15 - V017 =
- Add RRO Resource/Theme Engine Support
- Launcher: Add setting to enable/disable search bar (default to disable)
- Launcher: Allow to choose default homescreen position
- Launcher: Add grid with and height customization
- libskia : Add Codeaurora optimizations

- Framework enhancements and fixes:
** Avoid ANR when 2 home activities in stack
** Use Fast loadInverse() implementation
** Prevent AudioService dead lock issue.
** Fix process record leakage.
** Fix racing condition of mTouchExcludeRegion
** Turn debug flag off
** Enable native tracking for RS contexts to improve GC behavior.
** Avoid deadlock between ActivityManagerService and ProcessStatsService.
** Don't enable screen until keyguard is ready

TF300T KatKernel:
- Remove user gpu

=01/26/15 - V016 =
- QuickSettings: Add tiles customization (Settings => UI => QuickSettings)
- Settings: Translate and fix some Italian part + misc localizations
- Reboot menu: add italian translation
- Global Actions: fix Italian & Russian values
- Frameworks: speed up package scan on boot
- Show Optimizing app dialog on first boot instead of staying on bootanimation
- Speedup app start by delaying GC
- Settings: Multithread boot receiver
- AutoBrightness: save cpu by limiting updates to HAL rate
- WifiState: decrease processMessage cpu usage by ~90% by calling logState only if activated
- Rebuild with more optimized flags

- compile with mtune for target arch

TF300T KatKernel 018c:
- Tweak VM cache
- Tweak tcp mem/cache usage
- Readd user gpu filesystem interface 
- Readd Voltage optimisation
- Use 4 threads for storages, for real this time ;)

TF101 KatKernel 118d:
- Tweak VM cache
- Tweak tcp mem/cache usage
=01/04/15 - V015 =
- Update to latest 5.0.2 Release 1 (LRX22G)
- Add Ethernet support (autoconnect)
- Quick Settings: Add long click support
- Email: Fix password incorrect issue after adding new account
- Email: Fix Crash when using combined view and clicking on a msg
- Email: Display urls in messages as clickable links
- Camera: increase close/open timer
- Dock Battery icons: refresh status directly on dock status events
- Dock Touchpad enable/disable: refresh status on dock status events
- Allow to dismiss SDCard removed notification
- Allow to click directly on preselected intent in chooser dialog
- Fix broken configs & missing utilities since 5.0.1
- Misc framework fixes: memory leak,NPE,ANR, ...

- Use 4 threads for storages

=12/16/14 - V014b =
- Fix kat scripts permissions
=12/16/14 - V014 =
- Remove SuperSU (=> install with the official zip)
- Allow user to force immersive mode (Settings => User interface)
- Add AutoImmersive mode on docked (Settings => User interface)
- Global Action: Add Immersive mode (available for long press/Keyboard override)
- RightClick: allow to change behavior in settings (normal or send BACK) (Settings => Dock) 
- Add Thai font
- Add tip in power menu to reboot to recovery
- Allow to disable sound played when adjusting volumes (Settings => Sound & Notification => Other sounds)
- Disable adjust volume sound by default
- MainBatteryIcon: show as charging when dock is charging it and not only when plugged
- Fix LongPress to UnPin app
- Rebuild with more optimized flags
- Fix kat script permissions

- Fix network interface Route errors 
- Fix VPN apps issues when the app is not using low level kernel interfaces
- Add missing wakeup reasons interface

- increase EGL cache
- add Framebuffer native window

TF300T KatKernel 018:
- sync with Grouper Lollipop version:
Handle 'sk' being NULL in UID-based routing.
net: core: Support UID-based routing.
um: add missing declaration of 'getrlimit()' and friends
Enable setting security contexts on rootfs inodes.
cgroup: Fix use after free of cgrp (cgrp->css_sets)
cgroup: Take css_set_lock from cgroup_css_sets_empty()
net: support marking accepting TCP sockets
net: add a sysctl to reflect the fwmark on replies
net: ipv6: autoconf routes into per-device tables
ipv6: tcp: fix tcp_v6_conn_request()
tcp: resets are misrouted
tcp_v4_send_reset: binding oif to iif in no sock case
net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add WIPHY_WOWLAN_ANY support
prctl: adds the capable(CAP_SYS_NICE) check to PR_SET_TIMERSLACK_PID.
ARM: nakasi: turn off android logger
net: Fix "ip rule delete table 256"
net: ipv4: current group_info should be put after using.
nf: Remove compilation error caused by e254d2c28c880da28626af6d53b7add5f7d6afee
nf: IDLETIMER: time-stamp and suspend/resume handling.
prctl: adds PR_SET_TIMERSLACK_PID for setting timer slack of an arbitrary thread.
Power: Changes the permission to read only for sysfs file /sys/kernel/wakeup_reasons/last_resume_reason
Power: Add an API call to log wakeup reasons
POWER: fix compile warnings in log_wakeup_reason
Power: add an API to log wakeup reasons

=12/08/14 - V012 =
- Update to Android 5.0.1 Release 1 (LRX22C)
- Add Dock Battery icon support
- Add Navbar buttons left or center choice (Settings => User Interface => Interface Mode)
- Set Default to Navbar with left aligned buttons
- Add Navbar Buttons LongPress Actions (Settings => User Interface => NavBar Buttons Settings)
- Add Battery level/percent/icon (Settings => User Interface)
- Add Battery level on icon (Settings => User Interface)
- Set Default to battery icon + level + percent
- Statusbar: make Battery level follow color based on current level
- KeyguardStatusbar: cleanup to use the same generic battery logic
- Add Global Actions: 
-- Show Power Menu
-- Media Previous/Next/PlayPause
- Fix SDCard not being remounted after forced eject or dock sleep
- Italian Keyboard layout: remove shift lock
- Slovak Keyboard layout: fix duplicated key
- Install script: Test if system is mounted before unmounting
- Add back main battery logic
- Prevent system restart when orientation sensor is not fully initialised
- Improve scrolling cache use
- Misc Bluetooth fixes

- update exfat for big partitions

=11/27/14 - V011 =
- Rebuild with -O3 & high optimization flags
- Add sdcard + usbdisk NTFS, exfat, ext4 automount support
- update fuse & exfat
- Recents: Add clear all
- Fix Adaptive brightness turning screen off completely when in low light + adaptive value at minimum
- Replace background_holo_dark with dithered version to avoid banding
- Misc Audio/Video changes

- Fix Bluetooth

- Fix emoji not showing up in hangouts..
- Fix busybox utils links missing
- Mark adaptive playback as not supported by nvidia's codecs

=11/22/14 - V010 =
- Update to latest Android 5.0.0 release 7 (LRX21V)
- Video: add logic to fallback to other codecs if it fails
- Canadian layout: remove caps lock = shift lock
- Power menu: add reboot(long press reboots to recovery), airplane, mute

- Initial compatibility pack
- Modify framework to allow settings override for SL101 without the need of a full framework-res rebuild
(should allow the compatibility pack to stay compatible between KatKiss versions even if there are framework changes)

- Fix Network Location
- Fix busybox

TF101 gapps: cleanups + remove most of the playstore available apps
TF300T gapps: cleanups + remove most of the playstore available apps

=11/18/14 - V009 =

- Fix Touchpad enable/disable
- Fix UI graphic acceleration / Bring back Hardware Composer
- Fix HDMI out
- Fix OMX Video full acceleration
- Fix Camera
- Fix Google Search crashing
- Fix Ok Google
=11/16/14 - V008 =
- Greek, English us & uk layouts: remove caps lock = shift lock (Keep that in english international layout) 
- Initial TF101 support

=11/15/14 - V007 =
- Update to latest Android 5.0.0 release 6 (LRX21T)
- Fix AppOps FC on Media Tab
- Fix HDMI Audio out
- Bring back 48k out & 12k in audio sampling
- Default window + animation scale to 0
- Fix CIFS manager & other mount content not being visible by other apps
- Bring all extra Hardware keyboard layouts from KatKiss 4.4
-- Czech (qwertz), Czech (qwerty), Arabic, Dutch, English (Canada), English (UK), German (Switzerland), Greek, Hebrew, Italian (Switzerland), Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Laos), Spanish (US), Thai, Polish
- Add back KatKiss-4.4 Keyboard Layouts customizations

=11/12/14 - V006 =
- Add Global KeyOverride Action system (Settings => Dock)
- Add Search Key Quick Launch Shortcuts (Settings => Dock)
- Add Dock Touchpad Mode choice (Settings => Dock)
- Add Performance panel (cpu overclock + i/o scheduler) (Settings => Performance)
- Add Advanced Application Permissions (Settings => AppOps)
- Add Wifi Regulatory Domain change (Settings => Wifi => Advanced)
- Add MediaScanner filters (Settings => MediaScanner Filters)
- Add ChangeLog (Settings => About Tablet => ChangeLog)
- Enable developer options in settings by default
- Allow to clear notifications for running foreground services
- Remove model check in installer
- Add Global Actions:
-- Start Application
-- Send Key
-- Send KeyCode
-- Kill process
-- Switch To Previous App
-- Autorotation Toggle
-- Display Recent Apps
-- Show Notifications Panel
-- Wifi Toggle
-- Bluetooth Toggle
-- Touchpad Toggle
-- Launch Settings
-- Take screenshot
-- Brightness Down
-- Brightness Up
-- Brightness Auto
-- Audio Mute
-- Screen off

=11/11/14 - V005 =
- Add full dock function keys support
- Add MultiUser support
- Fix Accelerometer
- Fix Autorotation
- Wifi: allow 14 channels by default
- Use arrow pointer mode for TouchPad by default
- Disable swipe gesture in default aosp keyboard (use google keyboard from playstore if you need swipe)
- Update su
- Prevent Email app from crashing on setup (see post#2 for tip)

TF300T Modify defaults: 
-- Screen off: 2 minutes
-- Automatic brightness: on
-- Default animation/transition scales to 50%
-- Allow installation of non market apps

- TF300T KatKernel 017:
-- Revert custom GPU user clock interface
-- Revert to KatKernel 12b uV
-- Allow binder renice
=11/09/14 - V004 =
- Fix Camera photo and video (make sure you use KatKiss gapps)
- Google Camera compatibility
- Add full OMX video hardware acceleration (fix Netflix, youtube HD, video player..)
- Fix Google Search FC
- Fix voice search
- Prevent Google TTS from crashing on setup 
- Reenable non PIE executable support

=11/07/14 - V003 =
Initial TF300T lollipop public beta release