KatKiss-Lollipop ROM - Android 5.0 - Asus Transformer TF101 & TF300T

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TF101 Versions: Dev versions | Stable versions
ChangeLog: here
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Flash this rom at your own risk.

Please report in the XDA forum thread. Make sure you read the How-to report first

How to install:

coming from a different rom : Updating from this rom version #XX to #YY:
You can skip the full wipe step

How to report issues

Things to check before reporting: 
- If it's a general question or if it is not specific to this rom ask in the Q&A section
- make sure you have read all the tips in the first posts and searched on the forum before reporting an issue.
- Make sure you follow exactly the install instructions
- Make sure you are using the recommended gapps
- Try to reproduce your issue after a full wipe and right after flashing and before restoring anything 
- Wait that the cpu usage is down to close to 0% for a few seconds before proceeding with testing.
- Check that it is not already listed in the known issues.
- Try the -NonLinaro version of the rom

Performances issues:
Keep in mind that coming from a full wipe / factory reset, there are a few cpu and disk io tasks that are going to happen:
- Mediascanner service is going to rescan all your medias, which can take from a few minutes to a few hours or days if you have many
- Google will restore / sync things.

So make sure that it is finished and that some app is not eating the cpu or disk io before reporting.

What to send in your report:

- Make sure you describe exactly what happens before/during/after the issue.
- If you can reproduce it, write a step by step way of reproducing it.
- If your issue is a performance issue, explain in details what you define as such
(is it taking time when you click , is it that it seems to have a low fps ? ..)

Make also sure you indicate the following: 
- which rom/version are you using ?
- which kernel are you using ?
- which gapps version are you using ?
- did you follow the exact procedure listed above for flashing ?
- did you restore any of your applications / settings ?

Reproduce the issue then run these commands in a terminal: 
su - 
busybox top -n1 > /sdcard/top
dmesg > /sdcard/kmsg
logcat -v time -d > /sdcard/lc

If the problem is a reboot/crash/SOD, run this in 2 terminals and let them run until the problem occurs
1) su
logcat -v time > /sdcard/lc

2) su
cat /proc/kmsg >/sdcard/kmsg

send me the resulting files: /sdcard/top &  /sdcard/kmsg & /sdcard/lc by PM on the XDA forum

Thanks that will help to debug and save me a lot of time if I get correct reports ;)