KatKiss ROM - Android 4.3 - Asus Transformer TF101 - ChangeLog

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=10/18/13 - V026=
- Upgrade to Android 4.3.1 Release 1
- Add Global Key Override/Shorcut Mecanism
  (Language & Input => Add Key Override Actions)
  Allows to execute commands based on Key pressed + Meta Key(Shift,Ctrl...)
- Fix Croatian and Slovenian Hardware Keyboard C~ key
- Fix DateView memory leak when visibility changes, also speeds up Notification expands
- Fix potential leak in libpng
- Fix Performance cpu settings not applied to cpu1 until next reboot
- PhabletUI: Do not hide clock when expanding notifications
- PhabletUI: Log display flags only in debug mode (speeds up Notification expands)
- Update to KatKernel 108c : add permissions to cpu1 sysfs for system group + cleanup redundant perms for cpu0
=10/06/13 - V025=
- Upgrade to Android 4.3 Release 3.1
- Fix Bluetooth Tethering
- Add Custom QuickSettings
- Recents: Move KillAll Button Up
- Add HDMI out modes to display Settings: crop, scale, center options.
- Update to KatKernel 108b : mem tweak
=9/28/13 - V024=
- Fix SDCard/USBDisks not being remounted after forced eject or dock sleep
- TrafficStats: Add compatibility with older kernels
  (Fixes the traffic stats for apps + traffic icons on signal cluster: wifi...) 
- Fix Czech + German(Switzerland) Keyboard layout to qwertz
- Remove dock Keyboard layout option from Dock settings
  (use Language&Input Settings, cf post #2)
- Fix NPE if an app sends a motion event without a proper deviceID
- Recents: Fix Mem Stats being cut in PhabletUI
- Update to KatKernel 108:
  ** Bring netfilter: xt_qtaguid from Kernel 3.4
  ** Add LIB802.11 + HostAP
  ** Restrict slave mountspace so Dalvik apps can mount system-wide volumes
   (Fixes "empty folders" with CIFS and other mount apps)
=9/21/13 - V023=
- TabletUI + MultiUser : Do not display other users notifications
- Add Custom Battery show/hide options (icon,text,percent)
- Add Display Date feature in NavBar / StatusBar
- Add Clock/Date show/hide options
- Recents: Add Mem usage show/hide options
- Recents: Add KillAll show/hide options
- Add Support for HTTP basic authentication download in default Browser
=9/14/13 - V022=
- Add Ethernet Settings panel support
- Add option in UISettings to enable/disable ChooseInputMethod Notification (disabled by default)
- Update Bluetooth
- Fixes long press actions not being activated the first time if it was set to no action before.
- Fix NavBar Height being reset after UI Change
=9/08/13 - V021=
- Add LongPress NavButtons feature
- Fix wrong display state of Back /IME down Keyboard icons in NavBars
- Remove extra Input Method icon/panel in Tablet mode
- Disable recurrent  "Choose Input Method" Notification
- Change Right TouchPad/Mouse Button to send Back command
- Update KatKernel to 107b
=8/27/13 - V020=
- Upgrade to new Android 4.3 release 2.2
=8/23/13 - V019=
- PhabletUI: Add Nav buttons align left or center UI setting (Settings => User Interface)
- Add NavBar size options (Settings => User Interface)
- Default resize & reorg of Nav buttons
- Update bootanimation by mgeniusm
- Fix Menu not showing in expanded desktop mode
- Cleanups (you'll need to set the touchpad mode again after switching to this version)

=8/21/13 - V018=
- Add Wifi Channels Regulatory Domain change (Settings => Wifi => Advanced)
- Add Performance settings (cpu governor & overclocking + ioschedulers..)
- Apply cpu governor & overclocking directly at boot start for speeding up boot time
- Remove dummy arBase app
- Add missing vpx encoder codec
=8/18/13 - V017=
- Fix OMX hardware video codecs (Fixes media player, youtube HD ... ) 
- Fix Camera
=8/11/13 - V016=
- Fix Location provider issue in 015
=8/11/13 - V015=
- Fix Bluetooth
- Misc 4.3 cleanups
- Add static rsync util
=8/10/13 - V014=
- Add TabletUI capability (choose in Settings => User Interface)
- Settings: Add UI Settings in menu
- Fix empty space left in notification after clearing up a service notification

=8/08/13 - V012=
- Add dual mode expanded desktop (hide both bars or keep status bar)
- Allow to clear SD removed notification
- Allow to clear services permanent notifications
=08/07/13 - V011=
- Fix screen capture + previews in Recents
- Fix missing KatKiss version in V010
- Fix Settings FC on About Tablet => Status
=08/06/13 - V010=
- Add Expanded Desktop
- Add Recents KillAll button
- Add new power menu options: Expanded desktop, reboot, recovery...
- Add MediaScanner Filters to Settings/System
=08/05/13 - V009=
- Fix error installing paid apps ("Error Cannot install on USB or SD" ..)
- Move Nav Buttons to bottom left
- Fix dock battery support
- Add dock battery icon + battery levels
- Settings: Add SuperSU link
- Settings: Show Development menu by default
- Settings: Add Application Advanced Permissions Management (AppOps)
- Settings: Add Dock Settings directly in menu
- Add more keyboard layouts for live switching in asusec + fix Polish layout
- Fix not rebooting issue on Keyboard layout change through Dock Settings
- Fix lock screen clock digit being cut
- Decrease default number of background apps
- Add Android 4.3 default Launcher
=08/04/13 - V008=
- Initial version